About The Hydratherma Naturals Product Collection

The Hydratherma Naturals premium product line is so different from other hair products in the market. It is the only product line in the market scientifically designed to balance the moisture and protein levels in the hair. www.hydrathermanaturals.com

Hydratherma Naturals is the only product in the market scientifically formulated with natural ingredients to provide your hair with the perfect balance of moisture and protein -- the key to healthy, thicker, shiny, polished and longer hair. This perfect balance of moisture and protein makes it the best choice for all hair types. All Hydratherma Naturals products were thoughtfully developed using natural-based ingredients and a unique and perfectly balanced formulation of moisture and protein specifically to repair and restore dry, problem hair and maintain healthy, strong, beautiful hair.

We know it works because we continue to be inspired by countless customers who have expressed how our products have made a difference not only in their hair but in their lives. We promise to continue to develop and market only products that have proven results and meet customer satisfaction.

A balanced moisture to protein ratio in the hair is the cornerstone to healthy manageable hair. This simple scientific formula is the driving force behind all Hydratherma Naturals products and the secret behind how our products deliver on its promise of length retention and beautiful frizz-free curls. Hair is infused with moisture and strength, thus immediate perfect balance is restored and the hair thrives and flourishes.


We started making the products we wanted to see in the world and we did this with an uncompromising approach to sustainability.


Our ultimate passion and motivation at healthy hair journey is to promote Healthy natural hair for women and men of all ethnicities and hair texture.

Many people with kinky or curly hair textures typically do not know how to care for their hair correctly because they don’t have the appropriate products, proper knowledge and information on how to effectively achieve well-nourished and vibrant-looking hair.

Meet The Team

About Saleemah

A licensed cosmetologist and registered nurse (BSN). Saleemah Cartwright, founder of the Hydratherma Naturals hair care collection, has made it her mission to promote healthy hair by developing superior hair care products & systems that benefit consumers and support the environment.

Committed to inspiring, educating and empowering consumers about achieving healthy hair, she encouraged our customers to reach their goals through healthy hair care practices. She is the co-founder of Healthy Hair Journey Enterprises L.L.C. and the Hydratherma Healthy Hair Product Collection. Saleemah Cartwright is a proud member of Cambridge Who’s Who among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

"Hair is my love! Hair is my passion! To see hair flourish, thrive and prosper gives me excitement. I find my passion through helping others reach their healthy hair goals. I thank God for the opportunity to share my love with others!"

- Saleemah Cartwright

About Asha

Asha brings a unique blend of technical proficiency and a deep understanding of the needs of black women consumers to the management team. As a black woman herself, Asha's perspective is invaluable in shaping Hydratherma Naturals' products and marketing strategies. As Co-Owner and President, Asha oversees the social media presence of Hydratherma Naturals, ensuring a dynamic and engaging online interaction with the audience.

She also manages the relationship with our media team and brand partners, ensuring a seamless online experience for customers and fostering strategic collaborations. Asha's insights into what black women seek in natural hair care products continues to guide product development, marketing initiatives, and overall brand strategy.

- Asha

About Darius

Darius brings a wealth of financial acumen to Hydratherma Naturals, drawing from his extensive experience in both private and public equity markets. He started his career in private equity, where he honed his skills in financial analysis, becoming adept at discerning healthy companies for acquisition.

As the Co-Owner and CEO, Darius leads the bulk of day-to-day operational and financial activities, making strategic decisions that drive the business towards sustained growth.

- Darius

Hydratherma Naturals Is A Black Owned Business

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